So, in which city shall I visit you?!

Wow!  Congratulations – you’ve successfully completed this webquest!  You should feel very accomplished, as this project required a lot of hard work and critical thinking.  You should now have a solid understanding of how earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions affect the land, people, economy, and government of the regions in which they occur.  You should also feel familiar with the process of presenting a project to a small group and how to write a persuasive essay that convinces others your opinion is correct.

If you enjoyed learning about these 4 natural disasters, here are a few more things you can do to extend your learning:
          ·         Research the effects of other types of natural disasters, such as floods, tsunamis, and wildfires.
          ·         Write a letter to the mayor of one of the cities that you didn’t choose to live in.  Give
him/her some suggestions on how he/she could better prepare and/or handle the natural disaster that his/her city is prone to.
          ·         Create a PowerPoint presentation that compares and contrasts what cities around the world are doing to help their citizens prepare for and recover from natural disasters. 
          ·         Research what natural disasters occur in our community.  What are the affects when they occur?  What (if anything) is being done to help up prepare for and recover from such events?  Should more be done?  If so, what?